10 Mexican Soup Varieties You Must Try

If you are in the mood for a beautifully prepared Mexican soup that will satisfy your craving for a delectable delight, look no further. There is always a Mexican soup you can order in a restaurant or make at home when you are in the mood for comfort food regardless of the temperature.  

Mexican soup ideas you can use to spice up any dish or eaten on their own. Furthermore, you can eat a seafood Mexican broth if you enjoy seafood. Moreover, Tried-and-true ways to please your palate and stay toasty on a chilly evening. These prepares with robust, well-balanced flavors that will keep you wanting more, making them a favorite component of your dinner.  To try this soup, we welcome you at La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong. 

Here are some of the top Mexican dishes you should try:  


Menudo mexican soup

Try Menudo if you enjoy the classic flavours of tripe, hominy maize, onion, garlic, and chilli. Moreover, this Mexican delicacy is said to have its origins in the northern region of the country, where farmers made it using cow entrails. However, this broth comes in two varieties: Menudo Rojo and Menudo Blanco. Most of northern Mexico and Guadalajara enjoy Menudo Rojo. Moreover, with meat tripe and a red chilli base, it is a hot soup. Popular throughout central Mexico and the state of Sinaloa, menudo Blanco is a classic Mexican soup. Since no chili chilies use in its preparation, it has a white color.  

Tripe, hominy, onions, garlic, and lime are among the components that come in use in the classic Menudo Blanco recipe. For taste, it frequently serves with lime wedges, diced onions, and fresh cilantro on the side. The recipe you may alter to include extra components like potatoes, carrots, or cilantro.  


Pozole is a broth that symbolizes the Mexican flag. The ingredients used in its preparation give it its crimson, white, or green color. The variations of this broth represented by these colors.   

Hominy, poultry or pork (or both), onions, garlic, salt, and a green sauce made of poblano and jalapeno peppers, green tomatoes, lettuce, radish, or spinach leaves, oregano, cumin, pumpkin seeds, salt, and garlic are the typical ingredients that come in use to make green pozole. 

Individual bowls of this delicious Mexican broth offered, and it frequently tops with chicharrónes, diced onions, lettuce, and lemon wedges.  

Chicken Tinga

Chicken Tinga

Chicken tinge is a dish that lovers of smokey flavor will adore. This popular Mexican broth has a distinctive flavor that comes from the smoky flavor. Chipotle peppers and chicken are the two primary components of chicken tinga.   

To enable the ingredients to combine into a delicious warm soup, they are either slow-cooked or cooked on a stovetop. Charred peppers and tomatoes that adds in the broth base give it a smoky flavor. The chicken gains a unique smoky flavor as a result.   

Usually, slow heating is the key to a soup’s fantastic flavor. Onions and garlic typically add throughout the day of cooking to give the combination flavor. An excellent taco or tortilla stuffing is chicken tinga.  

Soup made with chicken tortillas or tortilla soup   

Sopa de tortilla, an aromatic broth, is one of the finest accompaniments for the well-known tortilla. It is yet another classic Mexican soup made with golden chicken broth and flavors of onions, tomatoes, chipotle chilies, epazote, and tortilla chips that have been deep-fried.   

Make a pot of chicken tortilla soup if you are looking for a hearty comfort meal. To create a delicious balance of flavors and textures, this recipe incorporates a variety of nourishing and filling ingredients. With a simple topping of cheese or avocado slices, sopa de tortilla you can get as an appetizer for a meal. 

So, if you are searching for good Mexican soup close by, try this flavorful soup with sour cream and tortilla strips on top. Have a nice dinner!   

Camaron Caldo   

Shrimp, chayote zucchini, and carrots that combined in this delicious Mexican shrimp soup along with a broth that make from chilies and stewed tomatoes. Fresh and dried shrimp are used in the hot soup made with guajillo, cascabel, and other types of chilis, along with tender veggies. Garnishing it with chopped avocado and a squeeze of lime juice enhances its comforting deliciousness.   

The Res Caldo

The Res Caldo

Try Caldo de res if you want to experience the warmth and comfort of a fantastic Mexican broth on a chilly winter night. This flavorful soup can be enjoyed year-round and is not just for chilly evenings. Veggies and beef are the primary ingredients.   

The versatility of this recipe allows you to make your own adaptations, such as adding different vegetables to the beef cuts. You can customize the flavors and complexity of this meal to your preferences.   

The Caldo of Seven Mares   

A Mexican soup gets a flavour boost from seafood. In addition to the usual meat and vegetable ingredients found in other classic Mexican soups, Caldo de Siete Mares features seafood. Given how potent the shellfish is, the broth needs to be as light as possible.   

This soup, people well-liked in Mexico’s coastal areas because it contains fresh seafood. It is typically served for brunch and is mostly prepared with delicious shrimp. You can also include additional seafood, such as baby octopus, prawns, and calamari.   

Mole de Olla  

Rich and filling meat soup known as mole de olla is very common in central Mexico. Moreover, it includes veggies and bone-in beef simmered in a tasty, slightly spicy, and smoky chilli sauce. Furthermore, this one-pot dish can serve a large family and is ideal for the coldest months of the year.   


Nowadays, beef is the primary component that come in use to make birria. The beef was the dish’s primary ingredient when it was first created in Mexico. However, the components changed due to a lack of lamb.   

Make authentic birria with lamb if it’s readily accessible in your area; otherwise, use beef instead. No matter what kind of flesh you use, you should cook it until it is extremely tender.   

Birria, a traditional regional delicacy from the state of Jalisco, is more of a stew than a soup, but it is so good we could not leave it off the list. It is popular for special events, including weddings and birthdays. Whereas, people frequently consume on Sunday mornings, much like menudo. Moreover, it should be served with warm corn tortillas, onion, and lime. It is made with tender goat’s meat (or mutton, or beef) that falls off your fork as you attempt to eat it. Alternately, consume food in the shape of a dorado taco. (a hard taco, Mexican-style, not Taco Bell-style).   

Caldo de Pollo  

Mexican chicken soup, or caldo de pollo, is a flavorful soup that prepares with homemade chicken broth, shreded tender chicken thighs and fresh veggies like zucchini, carrots, and cabbage. You will feel warm from the inside out and devoid of gluten and dairy.   

Additionally, try some of these delicious Mexican recipes to warm up and sate your appetite. Furthermore, these you can make in the convenience of your own house and are a wonderful addition to any meal. In order to warm up in a big delicious bowl of comfort, you will need to look for a genuine Mexican restaurant in your neighborhood that serves traditional Mexican soups.  

Mexican Soup Recipes: Different Styles to Meet Your Cravings   

On a chilly day, making Mexican soups is a wonderful way to stay warm. These soups will sate your desires because they are filling and hearty. Therefore, try one of these traditional Mexican soups from Mexican Restaurant La Vista in Hong Kong if you are searching for a tasty way to warm up.