15 Mexican Food Menu Item Descriptions

Mexican cuisine is unquestionably one of the most famous in the United States. In reality, one out of every ten restaurants in the United States sells at least one Mexican-inspired item. It is also a cuisine that repeats the use of many of the same ingredients (tortillas, meat, salsa, rice, etc.) with various preparations and presentation.

When you combine that fact with the wide variety of Tex-Mex cuisines that overlap with Mexican in the American market, it can be difficult to distinguish between different dishes – particularly if you do not speak Spanish!

Do you recognize the difference between enchiladas and chalupas when you open your menu? What about taquitos and chimichangas? We have compiled a list of some of the more common Mexican food terms and their definitions to help you decide what to buy. However, after knowing the difference you should visit La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong.


Burrito mexican food

A burrito is a flour tortilla that fills with a protein (usually poultry, pork, beef, or steak), rice, beans, and other fillings like lettuce and salsa before wrapping to make it simple to hold in your hand.


This is a rolled tortilla with a filling (meat, beans, or veggies) and a chilli pepper sauce on top.

Suizo Burrito

A burrito suizo is a tortilla topped with melted cheese or cheese sauce. In Spanish, “suizo” means “Swiss” (as in Swiss cheese), but the term can apply to any type of cheese.


This is a well-known sauce with a dark hue and a lot of spices. Despite the fact that chocolate is one of the ingredients, the sauce is not particularly sweet, so be prepared. While the sauce does not need cooking for long, it is a labor-intensive sauce; it is typical for molé recipes to call for dozens of ingredients (including spices ground by hand) to achieve that perfectly balanced flavour.


A chalupa, like a hard taco, has a shell made of masa dough that is deep cooked before the filling is added.


A chimichanga is essentially a deep-fried burrito. On top is sometimes a cheddar, green chili, or sour cream-based sauce.


Chipotle chiles are smoked jalapeno peppers. If a dish contains chipotle peppers, anticipate some smokiness throughout.


This fritter usually makes from choux dough (a versatile light pastry dough also that use to make éclairs and beignets) pushed into long, ridged shapes before deep fry. All types of food merchants commonly sell this, from restaurateurs to street vendors, and you can consume as a breakfast dish or simply as a sweet treat.


Taco mexican food

Tacos, another well-known dish, use smaller tortillas than burritos (either hard shell or soft, typically corn-based) and can come with a variety of fillings, usually including some kind of protein (usually beef, but also fish or chicken), cheese, salsa, vegetables, and/or sour cream.


Gorditas are cornmeal flatbreads that fill with a meat filling (braised beef stew, pulled chicken, and slow-cooked pork are all popular choices). First, the flatbread deeply cook that causes it to puff up and hollow out. The cook then cuts a slit in one half of the bread and stuffs it with the filling.


Taquito can apply to two things: in some parts of the American Southwest. It simply means a small taco (the word literally means “small taco” in Spanish). A taquito is also a small tortilla and filling that wraps and fries with the ends left open. The alternate term for this version is flauta, which means “small flute.”



A huarache, a cooked oval masa tortilla that topp with a protein, potato, salsa, onion, and fresco cheese combination. Moreover, Huarache derives its moniker from the popular sandal of the same name, as the oblong tortilla has the same shape as the shoe.


This is a wheat or maize tortilla that grills flat with cheese, vegetables, and sometimes protein on top before being folded over to form a half-moon. Furthermore, depending on the quantity, this may serve as an appetizer or an entrée.


Tamales prepare with a spiced meat mixture that fully encases in a cornmeal dough. Each tamale then steams in a corn husk. Tamales usually provide with the husk wrapping for presentation, but do not eat the husk. You just want everything inside it).


The cemita, a famous sandwich from Puebla, has a distinctive sweet, egg-rich roll (similar to brioche) topped with sesame seeds. Avocado, meat (beef, pig, ham, or poultry), a white cheese like queso oaxaca, onions, sliced jalapenos, the pungent Mexican herb papalo, and a little red chili sauce make up the filling. In some places, lettuce, tomato, and a refried bean spread are also there.


Undoubtedly, Mexican cuisine is one of the most well-known in many nations. In reality, one out of every ten restaurants in the United States offers at least one Mexican-inspired item. It is also a cuisine that uses many of the same components (tortillas, meat, salsa, rice, etc.) with different preparations and presentation. In this blog, you read about the definition that would help you to order the Mexican food. Whereas, if you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong then La Vista is one of the best restaurants. Here you will enjoy scenic beauty along with delicious food.