7 Best Mexican Holiday Dishes

One cannot resist the taste of Mexican dishes. You may enjoy them on any other day of the year. These are great selections for eating out when visiting Mexico or for attempting to prepare yourself at home. But you do not need to drive to Mexico you can have this super delicious food while living in Hong Kong. You need to book the table or directly walk in to La Vista, Mexican Restaurant or Bar. In this blog, you will read about some foods that are popular in Mexico and are regarded as Mexican delicacies all over the world.


Pozole is a soup or stew made with hominy maize (sometimes written posole). The meat, along with shredded lettuce and radish pieces, often put on top after preparing with either chicken or hog stock. Tostadas, crispy fried corn tortillas, and guacamole are typically served with pozole. Check out the recipe for pozole or try this creative vegetarian version with mushrooms.

Chile in Nogada

Chile in Nogada mexican food

This meal is the epitome of Mexican patriotism because it was created in Puebla at the period of Mexico’s Independence. It comprises of Poblano chilies that have a mixture of beef and dried fruit. Then this covers in a creamy nut sauce. When the ingredients are in season, in August and September, you may find this meal on the menus of Mexican restaurants; however, some locations are now serving it all year round.


Nothing says Mexico more than tacos, even though you can get them in every Mexican restaurant at any time of the year. This is a method of eating more than one meal at a time. Those hard taco shells are not Mexican, so forget about them. Use any ingredients you choose in soft corn tortillas. But be sure you have fresh salsa and garnishes on available. You can have this is at La Vista, Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong. You need to order soft corn tortillas with your choice of meat or vegetables, salsas, fresh onion & cilantro.


Tamales in hong kong

Traditional Mexican food called tamales prepares with maize pastry and fillings. It prepares with after wrapping in banana or maize leaves. Tamales are eaten on special occasions throughout the year. Since they take a lot of work to create. Often, folks will gather a group of people to cook them during gatherings called tamaladas.

Aztec soup

Warm and satisfying, tortilla soup. Crispy tortilla strips are drenched in a hot broth and frequently topped with cheese, dried chiles, avocado, and chicharron (pork rind). It is crucial to consume it before the tortilla strips go soggy, hence it is frequently served without the tortillas or other garnishes so that you may add them right before eating. Check out the recipe we like best for sopa azteca.


The globe over, people love this dip. Serve it as a side dish with tacos, fresh veggies, or nachos. A simple gathering you may transform into a Mexican extravaganza with guacamole. Although there are countless variations of this Mexican classic. The avocados must be completely ripe, which is the most crucial factor.


The terms flautas, taquitos, and tacos dorados refer to deep-fried, rolled-up tacos. Sometimes the terms come in use interchangeably; for example, “taquitos” refers to the smaller ones while “flautas” refers to those made with wheat flour tortillas. In any event, chicken will frequently use to prepare these crisp, fried cylinders. But you may also make it with other meats, cheese, or potatoes. Guacamole, crema, and salsa will then add on top. What a tasty way to commemorate!

Mexican Drinks

Mexican Drinks

Tequila (or mezcal!) is obviously a no-brainer. But there are a variety of other Mexican libations to choose from. This includes Mexican wine or beer and non-alcoholic. If you want to change up the beverages on your menu.

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Mexican dishes have the taste that will make you to finger licking. Therefore, you do not need to wait for special occasion you can have it any other day. Come to La Vista, a renowned Mexican restaurant & Bar, if you feel you are lacking in such calming delights. We offer everything you need, whether you are coming alone, with friends, family, or your furry pet.