About Us

Let’s Taco About Us!

Welcome to the place that praises the vibrancy of Mexico, transforming its playful flavors, aroma, and textures into the ravishing traditional Mexican cuisines. The cozy atmosphere harmoniously complements the selection of dishes and the decorative vibe of the restaurant. The word ‘La Vista’, being a synonym to ‘The View’ in Spanish, perfectly defines the contemporary Mexican concept of the cantina that would take you back to the streets of Mexico. With the strong color combinations and Mexican culture, the atmosphere of La Vista is a playful treat to your eyes and mood. Decorative items with fun messages around you will cheer you up and you will have the best time. The culture craft of Mexico, the infusion of bright furniture and sparkling lightning, highlights the interior creating friendly and warm surroundings.

La Vista is a Mexican cantina with an auspicious environment in the Sheraton Hong Kong Tung Chung Hotel, offering breathtaking outside views and wonderful inviting ambiance. Take a sip of a colorful and fragrant cocktail in the company of your colleagues with an impressive Seaview, gazing at planes landing and taking off across water. A promise of Mexican culinary specialties created to perfection, premium drinks, an outstanding Mexican menu, and cordial service will exceed all your expectations. We bring the best of Mexico to your table – not only to captivate your taste senses but to surprise them in all the ways. Our menu allows you to discover a wealth of flavors, ingredients, varieties and unique techniques. What sets us apart from other Mexican restaurants is the experience we create by bringing out the best of already known flavors, reinterpreting them to offer something new for your senses without neglecting authenticity. Let’s take you on a journey of vibrant colors and flavors of our beloved Mexican cuisine.