Best Side Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts to Serve with Tamales

The best kind of comfort food are tamales.  Tasty packets of corn masa dough filled with various combinations of meat, beans, and veggies make up this traditional Mexican delicacy. They are exceedingly soft and succulent when they are cooked in a wrapping composed of banana leaves, maize husks, or plantain leaves. They are robust enough to serve as a standalone meal and are frequently eaten for supper (and occasionally brunch).    

What Fun is that, though?    

However, you should serve them with various side dishes! Look no farther if you have been wondering what to serve with tamales!  In this blog, you will learn about Best Side Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts to Serve with Tamales!   

What to Put Alongside Tamales    

1. Rice from Mexico    

All varieties of Mexican cuisine sometimes include Spanish or Mexican rice as a side dish. When tomato sauce, chicken broth, cumin, and chili powder are combined with white rice, a delectable dish is created that is more than the sum of its components.    

Moreover, this rice dish is so authentically Mexican that it will make you feel as though you are dining at your favorite Mexican restaurant. For example, La Vista in Hong Kong, one of the authentic Mexican Restaurant.   

2. Salsa and Tortilla chips   

Tamale dinners beg for chips and salsa, whether you make your own or purchase it from the grocery store. However, Traditional salsa, or red sauce, is a common choice, but salsa Verde, or green sauce, is as great! Furthermore, it can be placed on the table as a side dish or brought out as an appetizer. In either case, everyone enjoys dipping!   

3. Beans, black   

You are going to fall in love with these Mexican black beans and use them as your go-to side dishes for all kinds of dinners. It starts with black beans in a can and is then perked up with some fresh additions. The perfect combination of quick, delicious, and nutritious!    

4. Elote    

Mexican street corn, often known as elote, is a delicious street food. The creamy mayonnaise, smokey chile, salty cotija cheese, and lime juice completely cover the delicious corn on the cob.  Produce more since everyone will want seconds.   

5. A Fried Egg    

If you serve tamales for breakfast, eating a fried egg alongside them is the greatest way to finish the meal. Moreover, unbeatable flavor and a rich sauce are added to the runny yolk. For more texture, you can apply as much crunch to the edges as you wish.    

6. Rice with Cilantro-lime   

Chipotle cannot compare to the flavor of this cilantro lime rice. Seriously. It has a brightness that can only be obtained from fresh cilantro and lime juice, and it is incredibly fluffy and soft. A wonderful, healthy side dish to pair with tamales!   

7. Tortillas Refried   

Whether you modify a can of refried beans the simple method or. We like to add some cumin and chili powder for flavor and thin them out with chicken broth. Moreover, refried beans are a necessary side dish for all varieties of Mexican cuisine; buy canned or cook them from scratch at home.    

8. Salad of Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado   

You must try this cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad if you are looking for a very light, fresh, and healthy side dish. When tomatoes and cucumbers are in season in the summer, it is ideal. Tamales go so well with the brightly colored dressing that is made from lemon juice and olive oil.   

9. Pinto Beans 

  Pinto Beans hong kong

This pinto bean recipe begins with dry beans that transform into one of the most inexpensive and tasty Mexican sides available. You might never purchase beans in cans again! Although they take some time to cook, they are simple to make. Furthermore, the compliments you will get will make the effort worthwhile.    

10. Cornbread with Jalapeno   

Sweet and spicy go along perfectly in jalapeno cornbread. Moreover, the taste of the tamales is similar to that of maize bread in a cozy sense. Spread honey butter on the cornbread slices for an extra wonderful treat.   

11. A Salad of Quinoa and Green Chilies   

This green chili-topped Mexican quinoa salad manages to be both filling and light. Quinoa, maize, black beans, avocado, mild bell pepper, and mild green chiles combine with quinoa to create something deliciously amazing. It is loaded with healthy ingredients and may be served warm or cooled. But do not let that deceive you—even the most omnivorous diner will appreciate this tasty side dish.    

12. Jicama Slaw   

Jicama is crisp, juicy, and crunchy with a very faint apple flavor.  When combined with other crunchy shredded veggies and a tangy vinaigrette, it transforms into a light and fresh jicama slaw.  This interesting vegan coleslaw is a wholesome side dish that is pleasant enough for all to eat.    

13 A Cucumber Soup    

Cold cucumber soup is the ideal summertime beverage. There’s no need to even turn on the burner or otherwise warm up the kitchen. Moreover, a creamy, refreshing soup is made by blending cucumbers, Greek yoghurt, garlic, and herbs with lemon juice and olive oil.    

14. Vegetables Grilled   

When cooked, roasted or grilled veggies get a completely new sweet and faintly smokey flavor. Grilling is a great way to prepare asparagus, zucchini, red onions, mushrooms, eggplant, bell peppers, and even maize. Furthermore, they can be skewered, placed in a grill basket, or cut into large pieces and cooked directly on the grill.      

15 Taco Salad  

A tasty and filling side dish with tamales is taco salad. Since it is a salad, it also makes a great side dish even though you can eat it as a stand-alone dinner (which is ideal if not everyone in your household enjoys tamales). It is the ideal method to entice picky eaters to consume their greens, and you can count on everyone asking for seconds.    

16 Fried Plantains   

Additionally, fried plantains are crunchy on the outside and make the ideal side dish for any Latin-inspired meal. Furthermore, everyone will be really impressed that you produced such a distinctive and original side dish, and their sweetness will provide a lovely contrast to your tamale supper. However, the only ingredients in this dish are plantains, oil, and a little salt.   

17 Arroz Borracho 

Arroz Borracho

Arroz Borracho, often known as inebriated rice, is rice that has been steamed in beer with Savoury ingredients. Furthermore, its color is a wonderful golden hue, and its malty, rich flavor is simply mouthwatering. Moreover, it is relatively quick and simple to put together and only requires a few simple, inexpensive ingredients.    

18 Fruit Platter   

Fruit salad with honey lime and rainbow colors is tasty and vibrant. For your flavorful tamale supper and other sides, it is unquestionably the ideal side dish or dessert. Furthermore, fruit salad is elevated by the dressing, which is straightforward yet effective. Everyone will be requesting the recipe from you!   

19 Gazpacho   

A chilled soup called gazpacho is made from raw, pureed vegetables. A few unidentified components transform Roma tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, and other vegetables into a surprisingly tasty cold soup. Furthermore, it takes around 15 minutes to prepare, and if you would like, you may drink it with a straw.    

20 Salsa De Carne   

Additionally, it is true what you just read. Mexican coleslaw, often known as cabbage salsa, is simple to make and unbelievably tasty. (Consider coleslaw and pico de gallo having a child.) Moreover, you may use it as a side dish, a dip for tortilla chips, or a topping for your tamales.   

21 The Three-bean Salad    

Black beans, kidney beans, cannellini beans, corn, bell peppers, and red onions are all combined in a delicious dressing to make the Mexican three bean salad. Furthermore, you can prepare in advance and serve as a side dish, topping, or dip.    

20 Soup with Black Beans   

This flavorful black bean soup is light and creamy. Furthermore, the recipe makes a soup fit for a restaurant using canned black beans and a few other basic ingredients. Moreover, it will be the ideal tamale side or appetizer.   

22 Gallo Pinto    

A filling and delectable side dish is gallo pinto, often known as Costa Rican beans and rice. Moreover, this delectable recipe makes rice, black beans, bell pepper, onion, and smoky salsa. Moreover, your fork would not want to stay down!    

23 Salad of Cactus    

Additionally, ensalada de nopales, or authentic Mexican cactus salad, is a light salad that pairs well with a heavy food like tamales. Moreover, in Mexico, cactus leaves have frequent consumption and are quite healthful.    

24 Corn Chowder 

This dish for corn chowder is flavorful, filling, and hearty. When combined to make a delectable soup, corn, potatoes, and a few more vegetables become magical. Moreover, its subtle sweetness perfectly complements the Savoury tamales!   

How to Pair Sauce with Tamales    

Tamales go nicely with a wide range of sauces. They can be a touch dry on their own, so think about topping them with a delectable sauce.    

The top tamale sauces are:    

  • Mexican crema, often known as cilantro lime crema  
  • Salsa, like ranchero sauce or Verde tomatillo salsa    
  • Queso    
  • soured milk    
  • Guacamole    
  • Sauce mole    

What to Serve as a Topping for Tamales    

Setting out a few topping options is a fantastic additional way to spice up your tamales. Furthermore, most of them are available in your local grocery shop already prepared; you do not need to prepare it    

Typical tamale garnishes include:    

  • Pickled grapes    
  • Guacamole    
  • Red or Verde salsa    
  • Queso    
  • Jalapenos pickles    
  • Flavored onions    
  • Soured milk    
  • Cotija or queso fresco cheese    
  • Cholula    
  • slice of lime   

However, if you want to have authentic Mexican Tamales then come to La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong.  

Serving Desserts with Tamales    

It is a lot of fun to provide some delectable desserts to round out the dinner when it comes to what to eat with tamales.    

The following sweets go well with tamales:    

  • Frying ice cream     
  • Wedding cookies from Mexico    
  • Churros    
  • Arroz with leche, or rice pudding in Mexico    
  • Beverages to pair with tamales    

A delicious beverage is a must-have with every meal. Try serving your dinner with one of these delectable beverage suggestions.    

Traditional Tamales Go Nicely with the Following Beverages:    

  •  Margaritas    
  •  Mexico’s brew    
  • Sangria    
  • Horchata   

Tips for Serving Tamales    

Traditionally, tamales are served with their plantain or banana leaf wrapping still attached. Each visitor can help himself to however many tamales they choose by simply setting them out on a serving plate designated for tamales. Although the wrappers can legally be eaten, doing so is not advised. Each participant takes off their wrappers before eating.