Drinks To Go with Tortilla Chips

Mexican food and their mashups will never stop astonishing you! 

If we talk about Mexican snacks, we have many sweet or spicy choices to order from. We have salsa and tortilla chips, seasoned corn, soups and salads. 

Among these, tortilla chips are the moonshine of Mexican food. They are widely famous around the globe for their crunchy vibes and nutritious value. 

If we talk about Mexican Food in Hong Kong, tortilla chips are served the most. You can get your fresh batch of crunchiest tortilla chips at La vista, the Best Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong. 

They are always an ideal option to order, but they can make you feel parched! 

We are sharing a few options in this guide to familiarize you with a few drink options to order your chips and get high on them. 



Mezcal is tequila’s smoky long-lost friend. Made from other types of agave, mezcal holds a smoky flavor because of its distillation process. While it’s not as well-known as other famous shots in Mexico, its demand grows worldwide. 

This blonde drink is now part of Mexican culture. Moreover, some people say an excellent mezcal is like love: passionate, glowing, and best if had daily.  

Let us know what you feel when you give it a shot! 



The most demanded and famous shot in Mexico! 

Always found on high bars worldwide. Created from fermented blue agave plants, distilling tequila is precisely held, and only a few places in the country can produce it.  

As you taste tequila, be sure to feel the additional flavors of Tequila Blanco, reposado, and añejo. 


While margaritas are the most standard answer to the question 

“What are the traditional drinks of Mexico?”  

Every Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong serving Mexican cocktails has its distinctive flavor and style for margaritas.  

Lime is the traditional flavor for margaritas, but mixologists experiment with other fruits and vegetables, like pineapple, cucumber, and jalapeno, or more exotic flavors like tamarind and prickly pear. You may even find a margarita blended with tajin herbs rather than the usual salt. 


Chamoyada is a non-alcoholic drink, is a fascinating combination of spice and sweet, made with crushed ice, mixed fruit, chili. The binding component used is chamoy, used in most Mexican cuisines.   

Chamoy is produced from pickled fruits, and it is served in different ways like in the form of a paste, liquid. 

Craft Beers 

Crafts beer

Beer is the second most adored drink in Mexico after tequila. Many new or old breweries serve beers worldwide, but you will discover small-scale local craft beers in Mexican Restaurants. The variety will be less compared to the US, but the craft beers of Mexico can rival any others in flavor and freshness.  

Mexican beer is vaster than just Corona. There is a wealthy craft beer tradition in Mexico, and although not as old as in other countries, a taste for good beer developed and has taken hold.  

Multiple craft breweries have arisen in many Hong Kong claiming to offer freshly brewed beer, but not all of them got the hands for it. 


Paloma drinks in hong kong

Palomas are authentic and antique Mexican drinks you may not have heard of, but it’s made with tequila like many other Mexican cocktails. A Paloma is a sparkler than a margarita, created with grapefruit soda and a dash of lime, and it provides a different level of refreshment on a hot afternoon. 

Must have it with tortilla chips. 

Paloma is served in a tall and slim glass loaded with ice, salt seasoning, tequila and little lime juice, sparkled with soda and garnished with parsley to make your day. 

Mexican Wines 

We always think about Italy or France when we hear “wine,” but some prefer wine from Mexico. Several vineyards produce excellent bottles since the Baja Peninsula extends south of California.  

Mexico is not a wine-drinking region, but people all across the globe love Mexican wine. Many Mexican wine producers have won international awards for their excellent products like Casa Magoni, LA Cetto, Bodega Dos Búhos and many more. 

The finest Mexican Restaurant in Hong Kong will recommend various bottles with fresh seafood or sizzling steaks.  


Michelada mexican drink

Mexican beer has its vibe!  

For a once-in-a-lifetime beer experience, you should try a michelada, one of the genuine Mexican drinks you’ll find throughout the menu.  

It is made with a combination of clamato juice and mixed spices, and it is similar in taste to a Bloody Mary but with beer.  

Micheladas are also famous for hangover cures, so you will commonly see them served with brunch. 

However, micheladas are certainly delicious. Sometimes you will not feel good about drinking a sauce, so you can go for a much lighter version, a refreshing michelada: beer, lime juice, and salt to help you feel the pulpiness of the Caribbean atmosphere. 

Agua Frescas 

A non-alcoholic drink produced with crushed fruits, cereals, flowers, or seeds mixed with sugar and water. A star in Mexican restaurants, Central America, and some parts of the southwest of the US. 

You will always find a different flavor of this drink from street food stands to renowned restaurants, like lime with chia or basil, strawberry, or mango.  

These drinks are always a rejuvenating option and a perfect way to stay refreshed. 

Don’t go on the name. It is an easy drink to make with just a few steps, blending scented and flavorful Chaya leaves with water and sugar. Some people add orange juice or pineapple to a refreshing, making it a healthy Mexican cocktail.  

Agua de Jamaica 

Agua de Jamaica is Spanish for “hibiscus water”, it is a regular agua fresca to accompany your tortilla chips. 

It has all the Mexican flavors, such as sweet, sour, spicy making it a refreshing drink.  

They are made by soaking hibiscus flowers, called flor de Jamaica, to make a concentrated syrup, diluted with water while serving and sweetened with sugar, topped with a lemon wedge for you! 

If you’re looking for customary non-alcoholic drinks, this will be your best choice—one of the best drinks from Mexican cuisine. 

In most Mexican restaurants, it’s lightly sweetened and served with authentic Mexican favorites, like tortilla chips and enchiladas. 


A traditional Mexican Oaxacan beverage made with a blend of toasted maize paste, mamey pits, fermented cacao beans, and flor de cacao. When the paste is fused with water, the flor de cacao ascends to the surface and creates a foam top when done.   

Where Can You Have These Drinks in Hong Kong?  

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