How to Purchase Mexican Food in Hong Kong Without Gluten?

You will be glad to learn that Mexican cuisine is inherently gluten-free. For anyone who enjoys gluten-free cuisine, Mexican food is a mainstay. Therefore, eat Mexican if you are looking forward to consuming gluten-free food. If you want to consume Mexican cuisine while visiting Hong Kong, go to La Vista, located in Tung Chung, and place your order.   

You can enjoy delicious food as well as relaxing panoramas of the water. Therefore, come for more than just the delicious and relaxing gluten-free Mexican fare and beverages.   

Since many of its traditional dishes use corn masa, or corn flour, the majority of Mexican food products are gluten-free. Mexican cuisine frequently and extensively uses corn flour as a component.   

But over time, this fad has acquired a new spin. To satisfy the expectations of western palates, chefs are now using wheat tortillas.   

Explore the selection at La Vista and place an order for your preferred gluten-free dish. The best part of eating at Hong Kong’s best Mexican cuisine is that you can select the filling for your food.   

Let’s look at some typical Mexican dishes and how you can request gluten-free versions of them.   


mexican nachos in hong kong

Fried tortilla chips are the base of nachos, which are then covered in refried beans, cheddar, chili, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, olives, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.  

You can ask for 100% gluten-free corn chips when placing a purchase. Bring your own gluten-free chips or purchase them from a designated gluten-free fryer.   

If refried beans and chili are thickened with wheat, stay away from them. Ask for regular pinto or black beans instead. Guacamole is also recommended to be avoided.    


Mashed avocados with diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. It is offered with tortilla pieces as a dip or a topping. Avoid using spices and condiments that contain wheat or that have wheat flour added to prevent caking. Ask for corn chips that are completely free of gluten if you are eager to consume gluten-free. The remaining toppings can stay the same or you can even request different toppings.     



These are the soft corn tortillas with cheese, cooked beef, poultry, or another protein of your choosing, and tomato sauce on top.

Ask for gluten-free corn tortillas if you want to eat gluten-free Mexican cuisine. Additionally, choose pieces of plain, unmarinated, grilled or baked chicken breast. Salsa should be used in place of tomato sauce if it makes with flour. While, the same advice applies to enchiladas: stay away from seasonings and sauces made with wheat or wheat flour.


These wheat tortillas are cooked or toasted and topped with cheese. Moreover, Lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, avocado, and salsa are added to quesadillas as toppings. Furthermore, these can be ordered with maize tortillas that are entirely gluten-free and are to be toasted in tin foil.   


Folded maize tortillas with spicy ground beef or poultry, beans, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes are what these prepare.


Fajitas in hong kong

These include grilled shrimp, lean meat, poultry, and onions and peppers. Typically, these come with salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes. However, you can request a thoroughly cleansed fajita skillet from the chef or even a different cooking technique, like broiling. Furthermore, spices and condiments containing wheat or wheat flour you can avoid. Moreover, nearly always, fajitas are gluten-free. Instead of wheat tortillas, you can request fajitas with corn tortillas.

Rellenos Chiles

These are green chiles that fills with cheese, tomatoes, and chilies. You can fry or roast them, either way is fine. Furthermore, ask to have it baked in aluminium foil. Keep spices and condiments away from wheat.   

Eggs Ranchero

These are fried tortillas with cheese, salsa, and fried eggs on top. Furthermore, you can request Huevos Rancheros prepared with corn tortillas that are 100% gluten-free and heated in tin foil or fried in a specialized gluten-free fryer for these to be healthy and gluten-free. You can also ask for boiled or poached eggs (in water only). Choose eggs fried in their own skillet if this is not an option.

Vegetable Tacos

To make the dish, tortilla chips stuff with lettuce, onions, spicy beef, poultry, tomatoes, and chilies. Moreover, cheese, sour cream, olives, avocado, and salsa sprinkles on top of the salad. Furthermore, ask for tortilla chips that are 100% gluten-free, heated in aluminum foil, or fried in a special gluten-free fryer for a nutritious taco salad. Therefore, please stay away from chili if it includes wheat flour.   

Mexican Rice and Refried beans   

These make with white rice and pinto beans that cook in lard or veggie oil after mashing and puring. Tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and seasonings are sautéed while making these. Make sure no flour usage is there to coat the beans. Also ask for regular rice (not pilaf). It is also recommendable to stay away from seasonings and sauces made with wheat or wheat flour.  


Although the shredded cheese is inherently gluten-free, store-bought shredded cheese has a coating of flour or starch to keep the pieces from sticking together. Many companies, however, substitute corn or tapioca starch for wheat flour.   

Salsa & Crackers

salsa and crackers in hong kong

In a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, this is one of the finest options available. You would not believe this, but eating chips and salsa at the eatery rather than having it delivered will improve the flavor by a factor of 100. However, avoid maize tortilla chips prepare in the same deep fryer as foods that have battered if you are searching for gluten-free Mexican chips and salsa. The cause is that when food comes into contact with gluten-containing foods, it crosses the gluten-free line, becomes unsafe to consume, and becomes cross-contaminated.   


Due to the gluten-free tequila, fresh lime juice, and triple sec, a citrus liqueur, used in the preparation of margaritas, these are also free of gluten.  


Are you aware that rice is inherently gluten-free? However, rice is commonly spiced at many Mexican restaurants. So, if you are in Hong Kong and ordering rice at a Mexican eatery, ask for it plain. Purchase regular rice. The ideal method is safe.   

Marinades and Seasonings   

There’s a possibility that marinades and seasonings from Mexico would not be gluten-free. Therefore, ask your server what ingredients come in use to marinate the veggies and proteins. Just making sure there is not any gluten. Beans, rice, maize, and avocados are ingredients in almost all Mexican dishes. However, all of these are staple meals for Mexicans and gluten-free. So, if you have celiac disease, you can consume Mexican food without worrying about anything, with the usual caveats and exceptions.   

This is Crucial!   

Do not be hesitant to request that your meal need to make at a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong with clean hands and/or gloves to avoid any cross-contamination. Moreover, there is nothing more important than maintaining your health, so you must figure out what it requires. With your server, go over your requirements. Furthermore, we take the utmost care in preparing the Mexican food we offer to you, you can inform the server of the foods to which you are allergic. Hence, choose the safest, least dangerous menu products to order.   

Never stop speaking up for yourself!   

A Brief Review   

  • When dining at a Mexican eatery in Hong Kong, there are certain dishes or ingredients to avoid.   
  • Ask for gluten-free maize tortillas and 100% corn chips.   
  • To prevent cross-contamination, request that the food be cooked in a separate pan.   
  • Make sure that the 100% corn snacks are not flour-dusted.   
  • Steer clear of wheat tortilla-based taco salad casings.   
  • A burrito dish without flour tortillas is the best option.   
  • Make sure that condiments are not thickened with wheat flour; if necessary, replace it with salsa, guacamole, or lime juice.   
  • Purchase regular rice.   
  • Avoid any kind of flavoring.   

One of the best things about Mexican food is that it is inherently gluten-free. However, the majority of the components are safe to consume. But all you need to do is exercise care and be knowledgeable about which ingredients are healthy for you and which ones can harm you.   

Visit La Vista, Tung Chung, the finest Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, if you are in the city and yearn for Mexican food and beverages.