La Vista’s Mexican Burritos Are a Hit in Hong Kong

If you love Mexican food, you would know how lovely looking, healthy and delicious are Mexican burritos. But the question comes, are all burritos the same i.e., mouth-watering, finger-licking and inviting? Well, definitely No.  

Many restaurants claim that they serve Mexican burritos, but this might not be true. Because not all burritos are actually authentic. Some restaurants sell wraps and call them burritos. But this is not the case at all with La Vista. You will find authentic and real burritos which will take your tastebuds to the streets of Mexico at La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong.  

Tips to Differentiate Between Burritos and Wraps 

Differentiate Between Burritos and Wraps

The very basic difference is that burritos are Mexican and wraps are American in their origin. Other than this, wraps can be served hot or cold but burritos are just served piping hot.  

Wraps have turkey, ham, and cheese. A burrito has melted cheese in it. A burrito has Mexican and Spanish culture in it. A wrap is just a random hot pocket of ingredients put together but burrito involves a lot of effort.   

The best and the most authentic burritos are made of corn. On the other hand, wraps are made up of flour. We don’t want to underestimate the potential of a wrap, but burritos are no doubt better when it comes to taste, appeal and even in terms of health. 

If you are thinking Mexican is not healthy, then it is absolutely incorrect. Click here to know  Are Burritos Healthy to Eat

Also, the ingredients used in cuisines make Mexican food healthy. 

At La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, you will get to eat from a variety like: 

  • Achiote Chicken  
  • Al Pastor Pork 
  • Beef 
  • Portobello Mushroom 

Place an order with any drink of your choice at La Vista. 

More About Burritos 

  • A burrito is big in size compared to the wraps. However, the latter is more simplistic than the former. The wraps are petite.  
  • Burritos are made using standard ingredients and wraps on the other hand are generally vegetable oriented.  
  • A burrito is normally looked at as a standard Mexican staple.  
  • You might not get a burrito with flavoured tortillas but in a wrap, you can get wheat, sundried tomato, spinach etc.  

La Vista is not just known for its delicious burritos but also for its drinks and playful and colourful ambience.  


We are proud to say that La Vista has made it to the top and has earned the badge of the most exciting Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong. The special cocktails and Mexico’s characteristic laid-back festive ambience will win your heart.  

With the mind calming views of Lantau Island’s Tung Chung, La Vista is a hot spot for locals and tourists who have the option of taking away their favourite Mexican meal that too with 10% off.  

We also give you the pleasure of eating at your comfort place because we deliver free. You name it and we have it. Explore our menu and order what your heart craves.  

Tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, entradas and more. You name it and we have it. The best part is we have everything for you all. You name a drink and here it will be.   

In the Sheraton Hong Kong, Tung Chung Hotel, at Lantau’s most energetic commercial hub, La Vista provides scenic sea views just similar to Mexican shores.  There is nothing better than having breakfast, lunch or dinner under an exotic Mexican influence.   

We do not shy away from saying that La Vista is an authentic hub for Mexican cuisines in Hong Kong. It is a restaurant full of delights. Grab yourself a spot in the state-of-the-art bar, the center of attraction.  

Come alone or with your family, you will definitely get into character, after all, we do it in Mexican style.