Mexican Flavours in Tung Chung

La Vista is a vibrant, happy, and inviting place that offers ever-delicious Mexican food, drinks, and a bunch of happy memories but in Mexican style.  

At La Vista’s culinary heaven, you will find the taste and aroma of Mexico. The breeze from the sea will smell like melting cheese and the ambiance will be lively, musical, and fun.  

When it comes to food, our chefs have got magic in their hands. They bring the taste of Mexican ingredients in a clear, sharp yet delicious way that you would just not want to leave a trace of food on the plate. Cleanliness and hygiene are kept in mind so that not just the taste, but also the process in which we treat you brings you back to the table.  

Apart from the above, our seating capacity allows small, big families, couples, friends, and even pets to come and make the most of their days. The quantity of food is where we win the game from rest of the Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong. La Vista’s food will give your tummy a fulfilling and content experience. We bet it.  

We have got a whole Mexican vibe. Explore our menu and exciting offers and see what drools your tongue.  

Right out from the La Vista’s kitchen, here are some dishes that you can relish; 

  • Entradas 
  • Quesadillas 
  • Burritos 
  • Fajitas 
  • Enchiladas 
  • Tacos 
  • Mexican desserts 
  • Side Orders 

All these dishes have got interesting offers on them. Click here to see detailed offers.   

Mexico in La Vista’s Kitchen! 

Mexico in La Vistas Kitchen

At La Vista, we share with you some of the best authentic Mexican food items which expresses the depth and diversity of Mexico. Even when you are in Hong Kong, you can have the pleasure of eating the best Mexican dishes by visiting La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong.  

Mexican Lunch 

Mexican Lunch

If you are thinking that we only offer Mexican quick side dishes, then you probably wouldn’t have explored our set lunch menu.  

Yes, besides the quick bites, we have a whole lunch to provide. Have a look at our Mexican Set Lunch menu.   

The set lunch menu involves starters, main course, dessert, drinks, and side orders. So, if you are unable to decide what to have for lunch, then you need not spend a lot of energy on choosing dishes from the menu, instead, get to the set lunch menu and munch on the crispy beats of Mexican cuisines. Do not forget to pair the lunch with drinks and desserts.  

Food on Discount Tastes Better

Food on Discount Tastes Better

Foodies would know the combination of discount and delicious delicacies. When food such as yummy Mexican cuisines come with lots of offers, the excitement doubles and when the ambiance is as inviting, relaxing, and warming as at La Vista, who would want to miss the joy? 

If you think you are devoid of such soothing pleasures in life, come to La Vista. Come alone, with friends, family, or with your fur-buddy, we have got everything to fulfill your requirements.  

Over the years, we have served over a thousand customers and we are glad to welcome more. If you want to experience Mexican flavours in Hong Kong, visit La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Tung Chung.