Mexican Food and Its Health Benefits

The food that is laden with cheese, contains a lot of fats and carbs is termed unhealthy. But not every food that you eat can be painted in the same colour.  

Consider Mexican Food! Look at it! So colourful, made with an assortment of different veggies, beans, and spices. The ingredients that are added in the Mexican food makes it aromatic, healthy, and delicious at the same time.  

Yes! You read it right, Mexican Food tastes great, and also offers number of health benefits.  

Let us have a look at the common ingredients that becomes a part of almost every Mexican food in Hong Kong and makes it finger-licking and healthy too.  


beans mexican food

Beans provide soluble fiber. It keeps your tummy full and helps in lowering cholesterol. Also, beans are a great source of protein and iron. These are used to fill up tacos and burritos or are used for layered bean casserole. 



This is an aromatic spice in the form of a seed. It contains cuminaldehyde, a phytochemical. It has antibacterial properties and contains a lot of iron. Just 01 tablespoon of cumin seeds delivers 22 percent of the daily value. Cumin seeds are sprinkled in almost every Mexican food in Hong Kong.  



These are firmer than tomatoes. These deliver Vitamin C and K to the body, super-low in calories. For instance, 1/2 cup of tomatillos delivers just 20 calories. You can either eat them in the grilled form, or just pile them on the top of the chicken tostadas.  



Quite an important part of Mexican foods in Hong Kong. Corns are a whole grain. These give fiber to the body. For instance, just 1 ear of corn delivers 4 grams of fiber. Even the tortillas that are made with corn are basically cornmeal and water. The corns deliver way more fiber than flour tortillas.  

Cocoa Powder 

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder contains compounds like flavanols. These are great for the heart and brain health. Natural cocoa powder is richer in flavanols. So, having this in Mexican food is great for one’s health. 



These are super healthy, creamy and delicious too. Avocados are the best if you want to get heart-healthy monounsaturated fats in your diet. Either dice these on chilis, or add slices in the breakfast taco or mash some onto whole-grain toast – these will accentuate the taste of the entire Mexican dish. 



Jalapenos and all other hot chili peppers get their heat from capsaicin. This is the compound which helps in lowering the cholesterol and speeds up the metabolism. If you want to cut on the heat, just empty the seeds from this chili before using it. Get these added in any of the Mexican food and it will lighten-up the taste.  


Pepitas mexican healthly food

These are high in antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. Pepitas are also a good source of minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. These also provide a great amount of protein. For instance, 9 grams per 1/4 cup will be enough to accentuate the flavour of a dish.  


Limes mexican healthy food

The tart green limes are a great source of vitamin C. It has anti-bacterial qualities and helps in boosting immunity. Add this to Mexican food like Tacos and these will get a fresh zing.  

The above was some of the common ingredients. Now, let us see the overall health benefits that Mexican Food in Hong Kong provides.   

Essential Nutrients 

Essential Nutrients mexican food

Almost every Mexican food contains a lot of green veggies like lettuce, other vegetables. These provide essential vitamins and minerals and keep you healthy and fit. For example, onions and tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and help in boosting immunity. On the other hand, avocados and lettuce supply fiber and other minerals to the body. So, when you visit a Mexican restaurant, choose a meal which has all these ingredients and less of fatty foods that come with Mexican dishes like sour cream, and cheese.  

Protein-Rich Diet 

Protein Rich Diet 

Having a Mexican food in Hong Kong means having a protein-rich diet. Body needs protein because it provides energy and keeps the muscles and tissues healthy. Most Mexican dishes either include some meat, like beef, chicken, fish or pork. But this does not mean you will eat anything meat.  

Here’s a Pro-tip – Pick lean meat over fried meat, and see your Mexican food will become healthy.   

Fiber-rich Food   

Fiber rich Food mexican food

People often fail to get enough carbohydrates. This is because they do not have a good intake of fiber. Eat a fiber-rich diet like fruits, vegetables, and beans.  

Mexican food can be rich, healthy, and yummy at the same time- if you choose the right ingredients for yourself. For instance, if you pay attention to meat and beans, you will be rewarded with amazing health benefits. 

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