Not a fan of spicy food? Try These 4 Mexican Dishes That Are Not Hot!

For some people, eating is everything, particularly when meals prepare beautifully to sate cravings. Dishes and recipes from all over the globe are popular right now, just like fashion and social media. Chefs all over the world have been bold to experiment with different components and turn them into creative dishes. But if you have to try authentic Mexican Cuisine then you do not need to drive to Mexico. Because you can pure and Mexican cuisine at La Vista, Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong. 

Japanese, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, and let’s not forget Mexican food are just a few of the well-known cuisines. Mexican food is notoriously spicy, in part because the world’s spiciest chiles come from there. Unfortunately, because spicy cuisine gives people a bad mouth feeling, people still do not like it. But because Mexican food is so varied, whether you like spicy habanero peppers or you prefer to tone it down, you can still sample some of your local fare. Learn about these four Mexican recipes that are not spicy that you can enjoy right away.   

1. Dip Your Favorite Chips in Some Creamy Guacamole

Creamy Guacamole 

The well-known guacamole is ideal if you want to try some tasty and healthy Mexican cuisine. Anyone who wishes to be both healthy and adventurous can do so with the help of this Savoury and sweet dish. Guacamole also has the benefit of being simple to make in your home kitchen, allowing you to use it as a salad dressing, sandwich spread, or treat.    

Simply purchase some fresh avocados and mash them in a dish is all that you require. Then you can add a squeeze of lime juice, red onions, cilantro, diced tomatoes, peas, and other seasonings. Guacamole, you can typically consume without the spice, but if you want to add some heat, you can add diced jalapeno peppers or drizzle some chili oil. Give it a try because it is a great source of vitamins and other essential minerals for your body. But if in case you do not want to prepare it at home. Simply you can order it from La Vista, Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong. 

2. Snack on Fish Tacos that are Packed with Protein. 

Popular among diners seeking for non-beef options is the fish taco. This is simple to prepare at home and even you can do customization just like guacamole. Typically, a tortilla wrap that you can consume softly or crisply makes up a fish taco. Then it fills with fried fish that has deep-fried, tangy coleslaw, special dressing, and a squeeze of lemon or lime.  

Getting the taco tortilla of your choice is the first step. Cook it to your preferences. The tortilla becomes crunchier the longer it is in the oil for cooking. Prepare the fish of your choosing. Popular options include tilapia, cream dory, and seasoned fish. Lastly, add the coleslaw and drizzle with some special sauce. Then that is it, you have made a delicious fish taco to enjoy by the beach.   

3. Snatch Up Some Juicy Taquitos 

Juicy Taquitos

Remarkably, Mexican food has survived since the 1900s. The taquitos are proof of that. This succulent and flavorful meal has been around for a while. And many culinary enthusiasts have been won over by it. It is filled with shredded beef or poultry, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole and is also referred to as a rolled taco.    

One of the original dishes in Mexican cooking is the taco, and many chefs have created their own variations of this mouthwatering taco roll. Taquitos stuffed with cabbage, queso fresco (a form of Mexican cheese), guacamole, and sour cream are one popular variety. If you want to up the spice even more, you can also add some green or red chilli. The final step involves deep frying it until it cooks perfectly Chopped cilantro and tomatoes are then added. 

4. If You Want Heavy Meal, Get a Burrito   

The humble burrito has gained so much popularity that it has inspired cuisines all over the globe. The burrito is the ideal food if you are hungry and want a substantial dinner. In this meal, the tortilla wrap will always be present because it serves as the dish’s binding agent.  

The many components one can include in a burrito include Mexican rice, any type of meat of choice (typically shredded beef or chicken), beans, sour cream, guacamole, and vegetables. Anyone can attempt to prepare this meal at home, using any method they choose.   


Nowadays, everyone has experimented with creative innovation in a variety of fields, including fashion, athletics, the arts, and even food. There are always more delectable foods to try on the global stage, where a variety of cuisines have made their way. Mexican food has become well-known because consumers have learned to enjoy each dish and even attempt to make it at home. Due to how popular these Mexican dishes are, many catering services offer them.  

Even non-spicy food lovers can enjoy Mexican cuisine, particularly with the dishes listed above. Now that you know what to order, you can have a delicious, non-spicy meal the next time you visit an authentic Mexican eatery. However, from La Vista, you can place your food order online and enjoy it with your family members.