Pair Your Mexican Dishes with These Margaritas

I am taking you to the streets of Mexico that smell like delicious food, the whiff of cuisines transports you to the culinary heaven which forces you to have a bite of the best Mexican dishes.   

Once you have been in this space, you will not be able to resist the temptation of the Mexican dishes which are made with mouth-watering, melting cheese.  


What Comprises Mexican Dishes? 

If you are eating a taco, burrito, fajita, enchiladas, quesadillas, any of these, then you are eating Mexican food. But are you eating authentic Mexican food or not, you will know this only after tasting it. 

Well, if you are thinking that you will have to go to Mexico to eat the most authentic Mexican food, then you are absolutely wrong because here in Hong Kong, you can easily eat the best Mexican food. Visit La Vista and enjoy it!  

If you feel you do not have enough time to sit, relax and have the best Mexican dishes, then you can even take your favorite meal away and eat it. Yes! La Vista has a number of offers to give you a comfortable and happy eating experience. 

Define Authentic Mexican Food 

Authentic Mexican Food

The food is vibrant, fresh, delicious, and fun but not compromised on the flavors and ingredients.  

The Mexican food is made using herbs, spices, a lot of vegetables, chilies (fresh, smoked, dried, and pickled), oregano, coriander also known as cilantro in North America, cocoa, and cinnamon. These ingredients are widely used in almost every Mexican dish.  

So, if you are having Mexican food but it does not contain the ingredients mentioned above, then my dear friend, you are definitely at the wrong place, probably eating food that is just given the name Mexican and has nothing to do with Mexican flavors.  


Why Mexican Food is the Best? 

Mexican food is popular because of its flavors and ingredients. Of course! This may sound obvious but what really makes it the best is the healthy and fresh ingredients such as avocados, chiles, beans, tomatoes, other vegetables, and different types of meat like beef, pork, chicken, fish, rabbit, lamb, among others in tacos. 

No matter which Mexican food you would want to eat being at the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, you would certainly not want to have it without the Mexican drinks. Right? 

If the food is Mexican, the drinks must also be Mexican – this way you will get the feel of being in Mexico.    

Now let us see the drinks that go really well with the Mexican food and you must definitely try when at a Mexican restaurant.  


Paloma Cocktail  

Paloma Cocktail

One of the most classic Mexican cocktails is Paloma!  

This is an easy bubbly cocktail. It combines tequila with grapefruit. This drink is perfect for happy hour drinks, or water it down and it can also be taken as a brunch drink.  

The Paloma is traditionally made using grapefruit soda, but the Paloma cocktail is made using grapefruit juice and soda water.  

Classic Margarita  

Of course, everyone knows this. The margarita is the best known of all Mexican cocktails!  

Did you know the classic recipe has no added simple syrup? Here is how you can make it. Use just three ingredients and a salt rim. A true perfection.  


The Michelada is a spicy Mexican beer cocktail. It is made with beer, tomato juice, lime juice, and hot sauce.  

It is a sort of combination between a Bloody Mary and a beer margarita 

The best part is the glass rim – it is a mix of Old Bay, chili powder, and celery salt which brings a salty, savory flair.  

The flavor is just right for a lot of occasions, like summer afternoon drinks or a Mexican-themed brunch. 


Want a good margarita or Paloma? It’s here – A Mexican cocktail that you will love – the Cantarito!  

This tasty tequila drink is similar to a Paloma, but it is made with more citrus juices such as oranges, lemons, and lime juice.  

Layer it in a traditional clay cup, and the effect will be stunning. This drink is light and refreshing. It tastes even better sipped out of a cold clay rim. If you do not have one, then you can even serve it in a highball glass too.  


Classic Chelada  

If you crave a refreshing beer cocktail, then this will definitely be irresistible as it is easy to mix up?  

Try a Chelada! The Chelada is another type of cervesa preparada. It is a beer cocktail or “prepared beer” in Spanish.  

This drink features Mexican lager with lime, versus the Michelada which is like a Bloody Mary made of beer.  

Top it off with a salty rim and it is perfect for any time. A laid-back brunch, cocktails on the patio, or a dinner of shrimp tacos, have it when you want it. 



This is a Mexican cocktail that can be taken as an after-dinner drink. 

This cocktail is popular in Spain and Latin America. But obviously even more in demand in Mexico where you will easily find it being made with Licor 43.  

This drink will give you sweet vanilla, chocolate, and citrus taste from the Licor and the bitter, rich notes from the coffee. It is truly a match made in heaven!  

Mexican Mule  

This Mexican cocktail is bold, bubbly. It is perfect to spice up your next gathering! It is not a traditional Mexican drink, but this tequila spin on the Moscow Mule is absolutely worth trying. I must say, it might be better than the classic.  

The way the bite of the tequila combines with spicy ginger – bet it, you will not stop yourself from taking another sip.  

Mexican Martini  

If you want to mix up your standard margarita repertoire, then try the Mexican martini!  

This is an American invention. It was created in Texas and it takes the best of a classic martini and a classic margarita in the same glass!  

A good margarita is seriously tangy, not too sweet, and citrusy – the same is for Martini.  

Do not forget that salt rim! It is the perfect unique cocktail to impress a load of guests.  

Bloody Maria 

Another non-traditional Mexican cocktail – it is a spin on a classic.  

The Bloody Mary is a classic vodka cocktail. But swap out the liquor for tequila and you will get Bloody Maria!  

This spin is classic and absolutely worth trying because it is tangy, spicy, and perfectly seasoned.  

By adding tequila, it gets a bright nuance to the drink, where vodka almost gets lost. 


Do drinks normally go well with every Mexican dish?  

With Mexican food, normally people prefer having a beer, margarita, or michelada (it is a beer cocktail made with lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and spices. These drinks are the best and are widely used. These are obvious go-to beverages for almost every Mexican dish. So, in case, you feel lost and are unable to decide which drink to order, then just choose anyone among the three and you will have a great time with the great Mexican cuisine. 

What is a traditional Mexican drink? 

Margarita is a traditional Mexican drink. This is Mexico’s most well-known cocktail. It is a simple combination of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. It is served with salt on the rim of the glass.  

Either consumed on the rocks or frozen, margaritas are now emblematic not only of Mexico but of fiestas around the globe. 

What would be food without a good drink? How would you swallow it down without having glasses to cling with your pals and cheer over your favorite dish? 

Food without a drink is like having Mexican food without cheese, and other essentials …Flat, dull, and boring. 

But if you are at La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, then your food, drinks, and surroundings will be full of energy, unlimited fun, frolic, and flavors.