8 Scrumptious Mexican Food Dishes That You Never Want to Miss

Mexico! The land of Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), pearly white beaches, and of course, delicious food.   

From tacos and burritos, tortilla chips to nachos and to the lesser-known meals, Mexican food has a lot to try in mouth-watering options. When we say Mexico, 9 out of 10 people will think of tequila, guacamole, burritos, very spicy food, and the vibrant culture. But have you ever tried the best of classic Mexican dishes in Hong Kong?   

If you are now planning to hit the best of Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong, here’s a list of what you must try to satiate your tastebuds.  


Tacos mexican dish in hong kong

Tacos are extremely popular in Mexico but also in other countries around the world. Logical, because tacos are delicious and you can try with your choice of a twist! The only crucial ingredient is meat. In addition, they can be filled with beans or other vegetables. You can ask to add cheese and sauces. The original Mexican taco is different from what we know: in principle, they only contain meat, and little or no extras are added, such as sour cream or guacamole. If you want to go ‘out of the box’, try a seafood variant of the classic taco!  



This dish is centuries old: it originated in the time of the Maya. Mexicans fill a large tortilla with chicken, pork or beef, beans, and vegetables. Seafood can also be used instead of meat. Of course, what should not be missed on an enchilada is the cheese. The stuffed enchiladas are placed in a baking dish and covered with chili sauce and cheese. Then they are baked, and you can enjoy this delicious dish with sour cream and guacamole!  


Chilaquiles mexican food in hong kong

Tortillas are also used in this dish, but with a twist! To make chilaquiles, tortillas must first be made smaller. They are then fried. After that, the chilaquiles are placed on a plate, and a sauce such as salsa is added. Then another layer of chilaquiles follows. The dish is finished with delicious toppings, such as egg, chicken, cheese, and sour cream.  


Mole is famous mexican food

Mole is probably one of the most popular sauces in Mexican food. The sauce can be used as a base for various dishes, such as enchiladas, or as a sauce for meat. The taste of mole can vary enormously: it can be sweet, sour, spicy, or somewhat bitter. Sometimes the taste of chocolate comes out, as many Mexicans use it as the base of the sauce. On average, there are about 20 ingredients in the sauce, but for some recipes, we add as many as 32!  



A quesadilla is a delicious dish that is basically a tortilla folded in half. Although you can fill a quesadilla with anything, the cheese (queso) is a must! After filling the tortilla, we fold it in half and brown it on both sides in a pan. We add a little salsa, sour cream, and a margarita, and you can enjoy a delicious dish!  

Pozole Mexican Food

Pozole dish

Pozole is a soup made with corn kernels (hominy). This soup has three variants, all of which differ in color and taste. There is the white soup, which is also the basis for the two other variants. This is prepared with hominy, to which chicken or pork, cumin, and garlic are added. The red pozole is made with red chilies, and the green soup consists of green chilies and tomatoes. This one is definitely worth a try!  


Burritos mexican dish

Burritos should, of course, not be missing from this list! A burrito is a rolled tortilla with a delicious filling inside. It is a fairly simple dish, but nowadays, there is a whole meal in a burrito. The easy thing about this dish is that you can put anything in it: beef, chicken or fish, avocados, tomatoes or grilled vegetables, sauces, and cheese. Chefs are increasingly adding their own twist to the dish, and fillings from other countries are gaining popularity, such as Thai chicken or Korean kimchi. A burrito is an ideal way to get acquainted with Mexican food in Hong Kong!  

Guacamole & tortilla chips

Guacamole & tortilla chips

When this green dipping sauce is first put in front of you, it is most likely not something that immediately warms you up. But if you’ve ever dared to put your tortilla chip through fresh homemade guacamole, you will want this again and again. Creamy guacamole is addictively delicious! The combination of tortilla chips and guacamole are one of the best to be eaten as starters.  

Wanna try these? Head on to La Vista! When you’ll first come to try our authentic Mexican food, here’s no turning back: You will desire to come back. Welcome to the fan club!