Takeaway More Than Just Mexican Food!

La Vista, the Mexican restaurant offers trickling aromas, playful flavours, and inviting ambiance all with a Mexican twist. So, if you crave Mexican food at discounted price without compromising on the taste, La Vista should be your ultimate choice. We have introduced a Takeaway offer so that you not just take away good food, but something more and that is memories.


We have got a wide range of Mexican cuisines and drinks. Whether you want to experience the taste of Mexican delicacies under the open sky overlooking the sea, or you want to sit in a quiet corner with yourself, we have got your needs covered. In case you do not want either of these, then come, grab a bite by availing yourself of the best Mexican food in Hong Kong. La Vista has got everything that your heart may want.

About Our Takeaway Offer

The offer is for Mexican food items and drinks stated on the menu. The best part of the offer is that you takeaway a 10% discount on delicious food items to stuff your belly. This is a perfect chance for foodies to grab their favourite Mexican food at discount. After all, who would not love food offered at a discounted price? The taste, fragrance, and contentment you will get from eating discounted Mexican food will be quite unparalleled.


When you come to La Vista, you will get to eat the heavenly taste of burritos, fajitas, tacos, entradas, enchiladas, desserts, and even side orders. Not to forget the Mexican drinks!

Deal On Your Meal

Deal On Your Meal

Every food lover will agree to the fact that Mexican meals that come with a deal taste more delicious. La Vista gives you Mexican food at your comfort place and that too at a 10% discount. Pair your meal with exotic Mexican drinks and your taste buds will be exported to culinary heaven. Yes, our takeaway offer goes with the whole menu. So, come and get what your hunger pangs are seeking. It is 10% Takeaway off on everything. So, what are you waiting for? Come over and pay us a visit.

Pay Less, Eat More!

Happy customers are our actual reward. We take care of our customers – this is the reason we are offering a 10% takeaway discount at La Vista. You do not have to shell out heavy money or overthink to satiate your Mexican craving because we are serving you not just Mexican food, but a whole Mexican vibe in the bustling town of Tung Chung, Hong Kong.


La Vista, a Mexican gem is located right next to Sheraton Hotel, Tung Chung. La Vista is a Mexican cantina that offers a vibrant environment, a taste worth remembering, breathtaking outside views, a soothing, and a relaxing environment.


When you are at La Vista, you will not only take a sip of fragrant cocktails but will also make countless memories. Apart from the takeaway discount, we provide other offers too. Have a look here.


So, when you decide to come to La Vista to avail yourself of the takeaway offer, here’s something you must do i.e., check our menu. Our menu is on our website, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and also in house.


Call us and place an order before coming so that we prepare your order beforehand and you takeaway sizzling hot Mexican cuisine right away without waiting.

Happy Mexican Ordering!