The Best Drink in Mexican Restaurant you can have

There are many more traditional Mexican drinks and cocktails than just the traditional margarita, and there is no better opportunity to try them all on a beach or in the water front. . Enjoy the flavors of these traditional drinks and well-known shots while lounging by the beach in the afternoon or watching the sunset after supper. However, if you are unable to drive to Mexico you do not need to worry you can have the best Mexican cuisine and drink at La Vista.  

Mexico’s traditional Libations  

 1. Tequila 

Tequila drink

The most well-known of all the well-liked Mexican libations is tequila, which is drunk in bars all over the world. Tequila prepares using distilling soured blue agave leaves, but only a few places in the country are allowed to do so. Be careful to appreciate the distinct flavors of tequila blanco, reposado, and aejo as you taste it.  

  2. Mezcal  

The smokey relative of tequila is mezcal. Mezcal retains more of the smoky flavors of its distillation process because it makes with different kinds of agave. While it’s less well-known outside of Mexico than some other famous shots, its popularity is beginning to spread.  

  3. Raicilla  

When it comes to distillation, rachilla was once thought of as Mexico’s alcohol, but now mixologists there and even in the US are beginning to use it in specialty Mexican drinks. It also comes from the agave plant and, unlike mezcal, has more fruity and floral flavors while still tasting somewhat smoky. 

  4. Margarita  

mexican Margarita  

Although it’s the most common answer to the query What are some traditional beverages in Mexico? is margaritas. Each establishment in the country has a unique method and flavor for serving margaritas. Lime is the traditional taste for margaritas. But mixologists also experiment with other fruits, vegetables, and more unusual flavors like tamarind and prickly pears. Even a margarita may be served with tajin flavoring instead of salt. If you want to drink one of the best margaritas in Hong Kong then you must La Vista, along with famous Mexican dishes you can have the Best Mexican Cuisine.  

   5. Paloma 

The Paloma, one typical Mexican beverage that you might not be familiar with, which makes with tequila like many other Mexican cocktails. A Paloma, it prepares with grapefruit soda and a dash of lime and is fizzier than a margarita, is extremely cooling on a hot afternoon.  

   6. Carajillo 

Carajillo mexican drink

Nothing tastes better after a hearty meal of genuine Mexican food than a carajillo, one of Mexico’s best drinks that you can enjoy hot or cold. A carajillo is a newly brewed coffee drink made with Licor 43, a vanilla and citrus-flavored Spanish liqueur.  

  7. Craft Beers 

When asked What are some traditional drinks in Mexico? tequila is frequently the first reaction, followed by beer. While there are a few major breweries whose beers are available worldwide. You can also find smaller labels and regional craft beers as you explore Mexico. Mexican craft beers can compete with any others in taste and freshness. Even though there may not be as much diversity as in the US.  

  8. Michelada 

Try a michelada, a typical Mexican beverage, for a distinctive beer experience. You can find them all over the nation. The michelada is a Bloody Mary-style cocktail made with beer instead of vodka and mixed with clamato juice and spices. Brunch often comes with Micheladas because this also considers as a headache remedy.  

  9. Mexico Wines 

Few people identify Mexico with wine, unlike nations like Italy and France since the Baja Peninsula extends south of California, there are several growing vineyards there producing top-notch bottles. The best restaurants in Mexico will be able to suggest different bottles from the nation to combine with succulent steaks or fresh seafood. 

  10. Jamaican Water 

If you are looking for some classic Mexican non-alcoholic drinks, you won’t be disappointed. Agua de Jamaica is among the finest beverages in Mexico. The name Jamaica refers to the hibiscus plant. And this well-liked beverage is a tea that prepares from those blooms’ dried petals. Most often, it offers with classic Mexican dishes like tacos and enchiladas and has only mild sweetness.  

  11. Agua Frescas 

Fruit-flavored waters is agua frescas. This produces in the nation using local natural produce. You can usually find a few various flavors available, such as lime with chia or basil, strawberry, or mango, from street taco stands to fine dining establishments. These beverages are consistently a hydrating and revitalizing choice.  

While on outings try some of Mexico’s best drinks. You will probably discover some fresh takes on old favorites as well. These drinks are incredibly tasty and refreshing choices for your vacation, whether you are relaxing by the pool or enjoying a round of golf. If you live in Hong Kong and looking a place to hangout then you can visit to La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar.