The Mexican Cheeses you Need to Know

Cheese. the path to the hearts of most individuals. Cheese is a weakness shared by most people, whether you prefer delicate, mild cheeses or aged, stinky cheese. And for good reason—cheese is extremely versatile and can add comfort to any comfort food. Although it is the ideal garnish and addition to the majority of dishes, it has also garnered the respect and acclaim necessary to stand alone.  

There are 1,800 different kinds of cheese that produces worldwide. It is possible to say that it is a universal language, similar to math, and most of you, certainly fluent in cheese. Which would make us Swiss native speakers as well, right?  

Cheese is a common ingredient on regional cuisines from Asia to Europe to the Americas. However, most people would concur that it’s a toss-up between Italy and Mexico for which country’s dishes are most by cheese. Pizza is really impossible to make without cheese, but quesadillas? All that’s left is a tortilla. Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tortas, chile relleno, and more are just the beginning. Yet hungry?  

In order to discuss the history of Mexico’s well-known cheeses and the delicious roles they play in some of beloved Mexican dishes. As some of you may already know while others may not, the best Mexican cheeses you can find at almost any large supermarket or even the small Mexican market down the street where they offer the delicious Coca Cola and chile candy. It is that popular and successful. So, let’s talk about some of the major names. However, if you want to have cheesy Mexican Cuisine, come to La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong.  

1. Queso Fresco 

mexican queso fresco

The most well-known cheese in Mexico is undoubtedly QUESO FRESCO. It comes from Mexico’s Jalisco region and is also known as Adobera cheese. They refer to it as “adobero” because it resembles adobe walls. It has an ivory hue, a mild flavor, and a firm, grainy structure. This cheese makes up for its absence of robust flavor with its versatility. The soft and grainy structure makes it simple to shred, melt, crumble, and grate. It follows that the fact that it is the most well-known Mexican cheese is not surprising. We see it chopped on tacos and tortas, melted in enchiladas and burritos, and crumbled on salads and soups.  

2. Cotija 

Another all-star in the Mexican cheese league is COTIJA. It is a white cheese that makes from hard cow’s milk from the Michoacán municipality of Cotija. It is frequently similar to feta cheese because it is crumbly, salty, and fresh. This cheese is typically spread on Mexican salads, soups, and tostadas because it does not melt easily. It has many uses, but its primary function is to give your food that delicately salty taste, much like parmesan does for pasta. Also, they are top notch! Fun fact: Cotija, it belongs to the parmesan cheese family, and referrs to as the parmesan of Mexico.  

3. Panela

Panela food

A smooth and creamy cow’s milk cheese belonging to the cottage cheese family is Panela cheese. It is popular for its capacity to combine well with pastas and sauces and is mild and smooth. In reference to the basket that come in use to mold the cheese, panela is queso canasta, or basket cheese. The difference between the two, you must notice when discussing cheese. History of Panela cheese is debatable, but there is no denying that it is one of Mexico’s most popular and adore cheeses. Panela cheese is most frequently used in quesadillas, though you can also eat on its own with chile pepper and garlic paste.  

4. Oaxaca 

A squishy, string-like cheese from Mexico known as Asadero or Oaxaca is from where exactly? Oaxaca, you got it. In terms of flavor and texture, it is a similar to young Monterey jack cheese. It melts well and has a smooth, creamy flavor. Because of this, it is the cheese that most frequently use in quesadillas. The mild flavor of Oaxaca cheese makes it a child favorite and a wonderful complement to most dishes without overpowering any flavor.  

5. The Enchilado 

cheese enchiladas

My particular favorite cheese is ENCHILADO because of how spicy it is. It is a white, firm, salty cheese that is typically old. The borders are rolled in paprika to give them an additional kick. Although either cow or goat milk comes in use to make it, bovine milk is now the more popular choice.  It resembles cotija cheese but is much more flavorful and adaptable. It is the cheese of choice for enchiladas, chile rellenos, and, if you are clever, you will use it in jalapeo poppers to add a bit more flavor.  


Cheese food is loved by everyone as it enhances the taste. The finest Mexican cheeses one can purchase at almost any big-box retailer or even at the neighborhood Mexican grocery store where they sell scrumptious Coca-Cola and chili candies. Additionally, it has gained the admiration and regard required to endure. Therefore, visit La Vista, a Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong.