Top 10 Mexican Drinks to Try in Hong Kong

As much as Mexican food has gained popularity around the globe, Mexican drinks are not behind. These have also made their place in the hearts of people and have ruled the taste buds. The best part about Mexican drinks is that you do not need to go to Mexico to have them. Even if you are in Hong Kong, you can have the pleasure of eating the best Mexican cuisines along with the best Mexican drinks.  

In this guide, we will take you through some of the most common Mexican drinks that everyone must try, especially if you are in Hong Kong.  

Where to Have Mexican Drinks in Hong Kong? 

For the best taste, ambience, and price, you must visit the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, i.e., La Vista, in Tung Chung. The restaurant does not only serve top-class Mexican cuisines but also a luxury ambiance. La Vista offers you a cozy atmosphere that harmoniously complements the selection of dishes and drinks on the menu.  

The drinks on the menu are also available at the most loved eves such as La Vista’s Happy Hour, La Vista’s Ladies’ Night, etc. To enjoy the Mexican drinks at discounted prices that too under the open sky around the cool breeze, come to La Vista, Tung Chung. It offers breathtaking views along with supreme hospitality by the staff.  

Come with your pals, family, or friends, la Vista has got something for everyone. Whether you decide to have conversations over chips and salsa or just want cheese loaded fries, Mexican drinks if accompanied will enhance the flavours ten folds.  

La Vista gives you a promise of Mexican culinary specialties that are created to perfection. The cordial service will exceed all your expectations. We Promise! 

Our chefs bring the best of Mexico to your table – not just to captivate your taste buds but also to surprise them in all the ways.  

You will Be Spoilt for Choices  

Our menu allows you to discover a wealth of flavors, ingredients, varieties, and culinary techniques.  

What sets us apart from other Mexican restaurants in Hong Kong is the experience we create for our customers by bringing just the best of already known flavors. 

So, if you want to experience the journey of vibrant colors and flavors, come to La Vista.  

La Vista has got everything from Mexican Beer, Mexican mocktails, even Mexican cocktails. So, the choice is all yours. choose what you want with your favourite Mexican cuisine.  

You can have a look at the list of the top Mexican drinks that will go the best with every Mexican dish you will try at the restaurant.  

Let’s see what are these: 

Alcoholic Drinks 


Margaritas meixcan drinks hong kong

Have this with fajitas, or tacos, Margaritas will become your forever favorite. Safe to say that Margaritas are everyone’s favorite cocktail. The classic margarita is a Mexican staple.  

The traditional recipe is either served on the rocks or blended and is also made from lime juice, tequila, triple sec, and is served in a sugar-rimmed glass to soften the bitterness.  

At La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, you can order anything from a glass, pitcher, or even premium pitcher, depending on your mood.   

Otherwise, there are a host of different flavors that you can try. Like from mango to passionfruit to cranberry. You can ask your bartender about the most widely ordered flavor margarita on the menu. 


Michelada mexican drinks

This drink is the combination of beer and cocktail. Once you have it, you get to experience the best of both worlds. So, if you crave beer and cocktail at the same time, come to La Vista for Michelada.  

Base cocktail is made from lime juice, clamato or tomato juice, and hot sauce which is served in a salt rim glass.  

The micheladas are topped with an upside-down beer for the final touch.  

If you are someone who loves spice, then add hot sauce as much as you want in the drink. If you need less spice, then prefer going less with the hot sauce.  

Ingredients: Lime Juice, Mexican Hot Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Pepper, and Salt topped with Mexican Beer 


Mezcal mexican food

If tequila comes to your mind when you think of Mexican liquor, then you must not have tried Mezcal at La Vista, the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong. From La Vista’s menu, try- Don Miguey Vida.  

This Mexican drink is made from agave. If you are in Mexico, you will find this distilled beverage at any bar in Mexico. Promise.  

You will even find hundreds of different flavors to try in the same drink type.  


Paloma in hong kong

This Mexican drink is for someone who loves tequila but prefers liquor in any other form. Paloma will be a perfect choice because you will still get that tequila kick in a softer blow.  

At La Vista you will get Paloma with the ingredients such as Tequila, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Juice, and Soda. 

However, you may also try Paloma with ingredients such as grapefruit-flavored soft drink (Fresca or Squirt), tequila Blanco, ice, and served with a slice of lime.  

This Mexican drink is refreshing and classic. Must try this out once. 


mexican Wines in hong kong

When it comes to Mexican wines, there is a whole lot of variety at La Vista’s menu.  

Choose from dessert wine, premium red wine, premium white wine, or red wine. The choices are many. It’s on you to try the drinks one by one.       

Mexico’s wine industry has been booming since few years. There will be no shortage of excellent reds and whites for you.  

Mexico has three wine-producing regions like the Baja California (here over 90% of the country’s product is made), the La Laguna area in Coahuila and Durango, and the Center region which encompasses Zacatecas, Queretaro, and Aguascalientes.    

Non-Alcoholic Drinks  


Atole drinks in hong kong

This is a traditional Mexican breakfast drink. You can have this in the start of the day. The drink is made with the mix of water, cinnamon, vanilla, piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), and masa (corn hominy). You may not get this drink in restaurants but if you are in Mexico, you can certainly get this locally with the vendors on the street.  

Aguas Frescas (Fresh Waters) 

Aguas Frescas

Believe it or not, this drink is literally translated into fresh waters.  

Aguas Frescas is made from fresh fruit juice, water, and sometimes a little bit of cane sugar is also added.  

This is perfect to have it under the hot Mexican sun. You can even have this in Hong Kong at a Mexican restaurant. So, if you cannot go to Mexico, need not worry.  


Horchata mexican drinks in hong kong

This is perhaps the most famous among the Aguas Frescas range of Mexican beverages. This is quite a simple and most widely consumed non-alcoholic drink.  

Horchata is rice water flavored with cinnamon, and vanilla.  

This is a delicious signature Mexican classic that you must try when in Mexico or when you are at a Mexican restaurant.  


Chamoyada drinks

Chamoyada non-alcoholic drink is an intriguing blend of spice and sweet.  

It is made with ingredients such as shaved ice, mixed fruit, chili, and the key ingredient used is chamoy, used widely in Mexican cuisines.  

Chamoy is made from pickled fruits and it comes in a variety of ways like in the form of paste, liquid, candy (yes! It comes in Candy form too), and others.  


Tejate mexican drinks

This authentic Mexican Oaxacan beverage is made from a paste of toasted maize, mamey pits, fermented cacao beans, and flor de cacao. When the paste is combined with water, the flor de cacao rises to the surface and creates a top of foam when served.  

What is the Most Popular Mexican Drink in Hong Kong? 

When it comes to popularity, the award goes to one and only Paloma.   

The Paloma is simple and refreshing. It is a tequila-based drink made with grapefruit soda or juice, tequila Blanco, and lime served on the rocks. It’s considered one of the perfect drinks to match any of the spicy Mexican dishes.  

It may even surprise you that the Paloma cocktail is Mexico’s national aperitif. The Paloma, or Dove in Spanish, is really quick to make and it is thirst-quenching too. 

So, when next time you drink Paloma at Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, like La Vista in Tung Chung, you will know that you are enjoying Mexico’s national drink.