Top 5 La Vista Signature Mocktails You Should Definitely Try

Hong Kong has innumerable incredible spots to get a beverage. In summers, you might end up needing a cooling drink that keeps you refreshed all day. Exciting drinks are fine but have you ever tried La Vista signature mocktails that make you feel the enticing flavors? We feel you. 

There are many restaurants and bars in Hong Kong that favor their mixed drinks light and alcohol-free but at La Vista restaurant, our mocktails come with a little twist and jaw-dropping flavors that will blow your mind. Also, the mocktails are light or even entirely alcohol-free. Our restaurant is located in Tung Chung and offers a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages on our drinks list that will leave you refreshed, recharged, and safe in the knowledge. Have a look at La Vista signature mocktails that you should definitely not miss when you are in Hong Kong.  

Berry Surprise  

This popular berry surprise mocktail is bursting with flavor. The classic combination of sweet tangy raspberry, blueberry, cranberry juice, lime juice, and mixed with soda makes your weekends just a little bit tastier. This non-alcoholic drink will bring a huge smile to your face with its simple and amazing taste. If you want to enjoy the flavors of the popular mocktails, this mocktail should be on your drink’s list. Best for hot days and perfect Mexican feast for your friends and family.   

Berry Surprise

Blast Crush  

As the name says everything – this will blast your thirst for a refreshing summer drink with its orange juice, pina colada mix, banana, and raspberry puree. All these flavors that get the taste buds going crazy and you will love to drink again and again. For those who don’t want to consume alcohol due to religious and cultural beliefs or lifestyle and health choices, but still want to drink that keeps them energize, relax, detox, and repair, this mocktail is just for you.

Blast Crush in hong kong

Buzz Groupie 

Nothing will get you more refueled and refreshed for the week than our La Vista signature buzz groupie mocktail. This mocktail is irreplaceable. So, whenever you feel like having a cool drink for a treat, go for this mocktail that you should definitely not to miss whenever you are in Hong Kong. This mocktail consists of mango puree, pina colada mix, pineapple juice, strawberry puree which is good for health and comes with vitamins and antioxidants that mean it is delicious and healthy too as compared to other mocktails.  

Buzz Groupie mocktails in hong kong

Passion Cucumber  

We all like cucumbers but have you ever tried passion cucumber mocktail? There is nothing healthier than cucumber mixed with passion fruit, lime, ginger syrup and topped with mint that will increase your intake of minerals and vitamins. A drink that anyone can enjoy no matter what the age is. Book your table now and try this today. You know it’s going to be a good weekend when passion cucumber is a part of your day. You can also pair up this refreshing mocktail with Nachos.   

Passion Cucumber mocktails in hong kong

Virgin Mojito  

A perfect Saturday + Sunday afternoon ends with a mocktail in your hand. Yes, we are talking about Virgin Mojito. One of the most famous alcohol-free drinks that you can get anywhere in the world. However, if you tried from the best bar in Hong Kong such as La Vista that has some specialty to make this drink more refreshing that you can have it as many times as you want it. Well, the ingredients are almost the same such as fresh lime, brown sugar, mixed with soda and topped with mint leaves. It’s a perfect drink to beat the heat of Hong Kong summers.   

Virgin Mojito in hong kong

The list of famous mocktails in Hong Kong is not ended here. Check out our drinks menu that has a huge variety of drinks for everyone. From mocktails to cocktails, beer to wines, our drink menu is loaded with various signature drinks. So, whenever you feel thirsty, visit our Mexican restaurant or you can also book your table in advance and try out our refreshing drinks.