Types of Beans Used in Burritos

Burritos are a Mexican dish. A flour tortilla wrapped around the fillings such as high-protein meat, beans, rice, cheese and salsa makes a burrito a Mexican burrito. 

Out of all, beans are the main ingredients that are used in a burrito. Beans are used to create burritos that vary in variety.  

If we talk about Mexican food market, beans such as pinto and black are quite famous. Black beans are said to be healthy and pinto beans are said to add flavor to the burrito.   

Other than the beans, burritos are stuffed with refried beans, shredded melted cheese, green veggies and some diced onions.  

Burritos are healthy to eat and these are now no longer just a snack to grab and relish. You can also have these as breakfast burritos at La Vista.  

Whether you plan to make your breakfast in less than 30 minutes or you want to add these for preparing meals, you can always choose a burrito over anything else. The same goes at a Mexican restaurant when you are unable to decide what to eat, go for a burrito – delicious, healthy and a fun savoury.  

Burrito and Its Beans  

Now, we will get back to the question i.e., beans used in a burrito. The answer remains the same. The two major types of beans are used to make a burrito.  

Let us go back in time to know a little more about a burrito and its beans.  

The Spaniards that arrived in the new world found an enormous variety of edible plants, totally new to Europeans.  

One such plant was the ayocotl i.e., Phaseolus vulgaris which, due to its high protein content and delicious flavour, has nutritional basis.  

This Mexican grain was heartily welcomed by Europeans that it was given different names such as frejol, frijol, fagioli and judia. This nutritious grain invaded the kitchens all over the world, became an indispensable ingredient for some of the best Mexican dishes. One such dish is burrito. 

If you visit Mexico, what will you find? Beans are in different shapes, sizes and colours. You will be amazed by the variety of beans.  

Different Coloured Beans   

Different Coloured Beans

Black, brown, red, white, speckled, pea, canary, lima, kidney, black-eye, pinto, cranberry etc.  

The names of the beans are based on their colour, size, shape and growth pattern.  

As per some authors, such as Liberty Bailey on Phaseolus vulgaris, there are about two to four hundred varieties of beans.  

Today, we find beans everywhere in almost every Mexican dish.  

Parados or de la olla, with or without broth, fried or refried (or Chinese because of the amount of oil that they absorb when they are fried), with cheese, Spanish sausage, cream and tortilla chips, or charro style with pork rind and epazote leaves. 

Beans are served as the main course or as a humble accompaniment to eggs, meat, or even other less Mexican grains like the famous Moors and Christians.  

Today, beans are generally used in modern supermarkets as well. The beans come as dry grains packed in plastic bags and cooked in different styles across the world. However, there is no modern world that can replace the delicious taste of beans and burritos cooked in a traditional manner.    

“We Have Beans on the Stove” 

Putting the beans on the stove is a continuous process that is why in Mexico people say that they have the beans on the stove when they have something pending to do but they are in a hurry. Beans have not just made their place in the Mexican food but also in the daily proverbs.   

Are Beans Burritos Healthy for You?

Beans Burritos 

Burrito recipes are healthy and have good nutrition. Bean burritos contain 380 calories in this one along with 14 grams of protein and fiber-filled beans. It contains only 11 grams of fat, and is very low in comparison to other stuffed burritos. 

What Makes Bean Burritos Healthy? 

Beans are good for the health of the heart. That is why you must not hesitate to place an order from La Vista, the Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong. You can even grab a burrito and avail 10% off on a takeaway. If you wish to experience the Mexican flavours under the vast expanse of sky and enjoy the bean burrito, then also La Vista has got your needs covered.  

Are Refried Burritos Good for You? 

Refried Burritos

All beans are a healthy source of fiber and refried beans are no exception.  

Getting fiber in your diet means your digestive system works efficiently, which decreases the risk of constipation. A diet full of fiber might cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  

Health Benefits of Eating Burrito 

  • Aids for weight loss 
  • Improves Digestion 
  • A source of minerals and vitamins 
  • Boosts immunity  
  • Offers instant energy 
  • Improves metabolism  
  • Good source of protein 

To know more about the health benefits of a burrito, read here (Add a link to the blog – Major Health Benefits of Eating Burrito) 

Are Bean Burritos Good for Cholesterol? 

A medium sized burrito with beef and beans can have about 60 mg of cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol can vary depending on the size of a burrito.  

What About Veggie Burrito?  

A veggie burrito excludes meat, fish or any other non-vegetarian item. A veggie burrito will have the goodness of beans, rice, greens and cheese. Rice is a good source of starchy carbohydrates, and beans are great as these are low in fat, packed with protein, and high in fiber. All of this fills you up and keeps your digestive system healthy.  

What type of burrito would you prefer? Have a look at La Vista’s menu and order what your heart desires. If your heart craves a good Mexican food, come over to La Vista.