What Are Some Traditional Mexican Side Dishes That Go Well With Fajitas?

Fajitas are one of the most famous Mexican dishes that have some interesting and exciting flavors. It is always a satisfying meal that is loaded with a medley of flavors, textures, vibrant colors, and stuffed with chicken or beef, veggies, crunchy peppers, and a blend of spices. Sounds mouthwatering? There are few delicious side dishes that go well with Fajitas and makes the perfect combo: –  

Cilantro Rice  

Cilantro Rice

For a burrito, rice is a common dish then why not you should try this side dish with Fajitas? It looks amazing and is loaded with tons of flavors and taste incredible when stuffed in corn tortilla bread that makes even more yummy.   

Fresh Corn Tortilla  

You know it’s going to be a good weekend when Mexican food is a part of your day. Feeling like some authentic Mexican grub today? Try the most delicious corn tortillas from the best Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong that will tickle your taste buds.   



The Mexican list is incomplete without mentioning Guacamole and it’s extremely deserving of a place at any fajita-based feast. Transform your fajita by adding 1tsp of this amazing rich dip and you will love the flavors jumping into your mouth. The best part is: it only takes a few minutes to make.   

Tomato Salsa  

Sometimes all you want is a good tomato salsa that will keep you fueled all day long and it goes well with Fajitas. If you are planning to serve Guacamole don’t forget to add tomato salsa to your Mexican party. The dish is really easy to make and you just need fewer ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, cilantro that you can find in your pantry at any time. If you are hanging out with your friends must try Tomato salsa from the Best Restaurant in Hong Kong.   

Refried Beans  

Refried Beans

Nothing will get you more refueled and refreshed for the week than our La Vista refried beans. Another most famous Mexican side dish which is a rich and creamy dip that you can have it with your fajita wrap. No matter what option you take, it’s the perfect midweek treat to recharge yourself.   


Most of the Mexican restaurants serve freshly grated cheddar with Fajitas that you will love to eat again and again. Whether as a meal or just as a snack, grated cheese is simply amazing that you can pair with any Mexican dish.  

Mexican Street Corn   

Mexican Street Corn dish

Are you planning to throw a Mexican party at the best restaurant in Hong Kong? If yes, then you should definitely add Mexican street corn to your food menu list. In Mexico, it is one of the topmost famous street snacks that Mexicans served with Fajitas. The juicy corn is layered with mayonnaise, sour cream, chili powder and topped with cotija cheese. After that, the corn is grilled for perfection. Always leave space for this mouthwatering dish. If you are not a fan of the messy-to-eat side, you can transform this dish into a salad.  

Sour Cream  

How about some mouthwatering sour cream to pamper your hungry tummy today? If half of your family love Fajitas extra spicy, but the other ones are not spice lovers, sour cream is the best option for you that makes your dish less spicy. Must try our sour cream will take your taste buds on a trip to Mexico!  


Salad is mexican dishes

A healthy meal equals to a healthy lifestyle. As we all know Fajita is a heavy dish so it is good to pair it with something light, healthy and refreshing and that is called green salad. The combination of green leafy vegetables with various flavorful spices that get the taste buds going crazy.   

Another amazing option is that you can add avocado in your meal. Making a salad out of these three ingredients such as Avocados, Cucumber, Tomatoes, is considered to be one of the classic Mexican combos and you have got yourself a salad to die for. This cool salad helps tone down the heat from the Fajitas.   

You just need a bite to fall in love with this Mexican slaw. It’s a colorful side dish bursting with flavors such as carrots, cabbage, red onions, apple cider vinegar, and cilantro. The tangy flavor of this dish complements the cheesy Fajitas so beautifully.  

Roasted Potatoes   

When it comes to sides, potatoes are the top choice for everyone and go well with Fajitas. The potatoes are roasted with taco seasoning, sour cream, chili powder, and topped with cheese. This is the perfect meal that you deserve for weekends.